August 6, 2012

We had good and bad luck in Charlotte.  Keith got in and I didn't.  The good news is at least one of us got in.  My first run was very promising with a 4.08.  Second and third run we shook the tires hard.  We were 14th going into Q4.  We ran a 4.07 in the heat but got bumped out.  The bump was a 4.06.  The good news was we were able to pick up in the heat and we didn't hurt anything.  The motors are now getting freshened and will be ready for Memphis.  On a different note, I will be debuting the A/Fuel dragster at the Topeka Regional event.  This is owned by Brad McWilliams and driven by me.  We will have Steve Boggs as the tuner and will be our first race of the 2012 season with this car.  If all goes well, we will run Noble, Ok and Ennis, Texas in September.
See you at the track.

July 16, 2012

We had a good weekend in Martin, MI.  We qualified #16 with a hurt transmission.  We knew going into first round unless he red-lit or blew the tires off, we would be in trouble.  We had to leave in second gear and the car would be a slug.  We lost that round but first race of the season and we seem to be jelling as a team.  We will get the tranny fixed and be ready for Charlotte first of August.  See you at the track!

July 12, 2012

We are heading to Martin, Mi to race the ADRL series.  We have fresh motors from Reher-Morrison and making some serious horsepower. We tested in Tulsa and feel we will be competetive right out of the gate.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  You can watch the race at  They will have live streaming video of the event.  Wish us luck and hope to see you at the track!