Monroe Guest Motorsports History


Monroe started showing an interest in racing when he was very young. He had always liked motorcycles and loud cars, that could be due to the fact that when Monroe was 3 days old, his father, balancing Monroe between his legs, took him riding on his motorcycle on the highways in sunny Los Angeles! In 1976, Monroe's dad took him to the spring nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Monroe decided to share his dream with his dad. Monroe told his dad that someday he wanted to race cars.


That day came in 1980 when Monroe was attending Vo-Tech in Drumright Oklahoma. Monroe was taking motorcycle mechanics during his junior year when his instructor, Mr. Baugus, told him he should make modifications to his motorcycle and race it. Monroe started the process of doing just that. After the bike was finished Monroe, Mr. Baugus and Monroe's dad went to the races at Tulsa International Raceway. It was the first time he had raced at a track. That was all it took, he was hooked forever! Monroe's first big win came on a super Sunday where there were over 300 bikes. They raced all day and Monroe won it all! It was the most exciting thing that had happened to him. They continued to race that year but deep down inside, Monroe knew that his desire was to race cars. Two years later Monroe got his chance. A friend, Jay Roy, helped Monroe and his dad find a car and build a motor. The car was a 1972 Camaro. It was heavy but it was fast! They raced the Camaro for two years until something better and faster came along. They were able to purchase a 1972 Vega built by Don Hardy race car named Natural High. This car would allow them to go faster because of the weight. It was a dream come true. They were able to race the car at their first National event. The Spring Nationals in Tulsa Oklahoma. Although they didn't win, it was an experience they would never forget.


Monroe was getting ready to graduate high school and was really focusing on racing, when he met Jana, the beauty that swept him off his feet! That changed everything. The two secretly got married, but it didn't stay a secret for long! The next year was his last National Event at Tulsa and married life soon took the front seat. Money and time got too tight and Monroe sold Natural High. Although he was sad, he knew someday he would be back.

That someday took place in 1999 when Monroe decided to race Micro Sprint cars. He bought a new Hendricks chassis sprint car and raced in Claremore Oklahoma. Monroe won one A feature that year as well as Rookie of the Year. Although he never thought he would race on dirt, he was and was doing very well!


Year two of sprint car racing brought changes, big changes Monroe's way. Monroe had won 3 A features then the bottom fell out of his world. After nearly 18 years of marriage Jana passed away. He had two daughters to take care of, Jennifer who was fourteen and Mercedes who was twelve. He raced one final race that year and contemplated what to do. The girls said keep racing, that's what mom would have wanted you to do. So he ordered a new car and a bigger trailer, room for the girls to relax at the races, and he prepared for the next season.


The 2002 season started out great. Monroe won three A features out of four races but the toll of racing and raising two teenage girls was too much. Monroe sold the racing operation and focused on raising the girls.


History would repeat itself again in 2004. The itch was getting to Monroe so he bought a 1970 Camaro and started racing again. Monroe had come back home! He was on asphalt and going straight again. He enjoyed the Camaro but like before Monroe wanted to go faster so he purchased a 2001 Jerry Bickle Grand Am pro stock formally owned by Jim Yates. Monroe decided to step up big time and race the best. He is now preparing for the 2011 season with his wife Susan, daughters and son in tow. He now races dragsters and loves the feeling of the wind rushing pass him at 180 miles per hour. Although the girls are now in college and more interested in boys, Monroe is still convinced that they will come and watch ol' dad race. Racing has come full circle. Never give up on your dreams.